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Mobile App monthly packages start at just $39.95. I’mIn Marketer lets you easily contact your patients with important information and reminders to help them stay on top of their health – and keep and your practice on their mind. Here are just some of the powerful marketing and convenience features I’mMarketer for medical services comes loaded with:


“I can’t thank I’m In Marketer enough for their support and effective implementation.”

~ Columbia Car Wash

“They really tried to match the app to what I was trying to achieve in my business…”

~ Vitality Institute

If you’d like to see a mobile app demo created specifically for your practice, contact one of our representatives today.

The Mobile Revolution

Mobile apps are changing the business, social, and lifestyle landscape. The numbers are staggering, as you’ll see in this video, and the implications are stark. Without a mobile app to compliment your Internet presence, you are practically invisible. You need to be where your customers are: everywhere.

Are you ready to “mobilize” your website?

Your existing website may be doing the job for you on yesterday’s desktop and laptop computers, but having it optimized for mobile devices is a whole new ballgame. Learn how I’m In Marketer can provide you with a sleek and stunning mobile website designed to present your business at its best. It’s a perfect complement to your I’m In Marketer mobile app.

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