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Mobile Ordering From GrubHub vs Your Own Restaurant Mobile App

There is something CRUCIAL you need to know if you are a restaurant or take-away owner. And it makes sense to take some time out and read this blog post –...

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Is Belly the Best Option For Customer Loyalty Rewards?

Many small and local businesses still rely on old-fashioned punchcards to maintain both new and regular customers’ interest – as part of some kind of loyalty program. New age technology has taken these loyalty strategies online. Belly is a Chicago-based company...

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6 Ways to Help Patients With a Mobile App

It’s safe to assume your medical practice long ago abandoned many old-fashioned remedies and treatments. You probably no longer use mercury to treat infection, opium as a anesthetic or leeches to heal wounds. And yet you may be using outdated methods to communicate and inform your patents. Phone calls...

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The Importance of Developing a Mobile Strategy for your Health Club

THE WAR against flabby fat and lethargy has seen an energetic boom in profits for the fitness industry worth billions to the economy...

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1.5 Million Downloads For Great Clips Mobile App Should Encourage Others

Mobile Commerce Daily recently reported on the success that hair salon chain Great Clips has experienced with its mobile app, particularly its online check-in feature. Great...

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Mobile is Officially the First Screen of Influence

There’s a simple fact about the shoppers who enjoy a spending spree at your town’s local shopping mall. And it may surprise you! Those ladies don’t swing hand...

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The Modern Day Shopper is Now Mobile

Going on a shopping or business trip was probably a whole-day big event for folks in your area, a few hundred years ago. A bleary-eyed family would clamber...

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12 Rules of Effective Mobile Design

And 90% of smart phone users access the web from their devices. Do the...

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Our Social Lives Are Being Carried Around In Our Pockets

Whether you are a regular user of social media or not, you know that many of your customers are now much more comfortable sending texts and sharing pictures online than they are talking on the phone. We're accessing social networks more via mobile networks than ever before. ...

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Let Your Customers Do Your Marketing For You

When I want to know where to go to buy something for my garden, I walk next door and talk to Ray. I’ve known him for years and he has the most beautiful garden in our neighborhood. Ray knows just where to direct...

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